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Building a deck in your backyard can add value to your property. Most homeowners get over 80% of the cost of building a deck when they sell their homes. Are you interested in creating a new deck but unsure of the benefits of having a deck? Below are some of the most significant benefits of building a custom deck for your backyard. 

All The Space You Want

Probably the best reason to build a custom deck is that you can make it as big as your need it to be. Suppose you need any additional space for grilling, building a gazebo, or adding more space for seating. In that case, you can add it to your deck design.

Matches Your Style

Custom decks are extremely aesthetically pleasing, and there are many things you can add to make it even more appealing. Also, a custom deck will inherently be built and designed in your style. Adding new outdoor furniture, rugs, pillows, and other accents such as caffé lights will make your brand new custom deck a lot more cozy for those family afternoon gatherings. 

Blends In

An important thing to consider when building a custom new deck is blending in with your home. As beautiful as custom decks can be, they must complement, not detract from your home’s design. However, homeowners should not worry, as a professional deck builder will help you with a seamless design for your new custom-built deck. 


Creating a deck design doesn’t require a considerable budget, meaning you can still have the deck of your dreams. While many deck builders will quote out the budget based on the project, with Rudd Builders, you can build any deck depending on your budget. 


Custom deck building adds value to your home. As stated before, most homeowners can recover over 80% of the money budgeted to build the deck. While the deck may not pay for itself, that’s still a lot of comfort and memories for just a 20% loss in investment. 

Anywho, suppose you wish to increase the value of your home, improve its curb appeal, and create a luxurious outdoor living space. In that case, a custom-built deck is one of the best ways to achieve this. 

Best Salt Lake City Custom Deck Builder

If you are ready to build a custom-built deck for your home, there is no need to look any further. Our expert contractors are the best in the valley. Rudd Builders will help you design and build the deck of your dreams. Once you’re done working with us, you will be in awe. Contact our custom deck building team today during regular business hours to receive a free consultation and quote.