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One of the most underrated spaces of the home is the garage. It is one of the most extensive parts of the house, yet it receives the least love. The garage gets neglected because it seems to attract clutter and can be an unorganized mess! All this random junk makes even the thought of working in the garage overwhelming. That is where we come in with a complete remodel or revamp of your garage, transforming it from the junk collector into a tool or toy organizer.  


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A garage renovation can take many forms. Some want to change up the garage style, while others want an overhaul complete with an organization system, shelving, and work. Now regardless of which end of the spectrum you find yourself on, our experts here at Rudd Builders will come to the rescue.  

 Our expert contractors are experienced in all the significant areas of garage renovation. We have broken the process down into three main categories to ensure that your dream becomes a reality and no detail falls through the cracks. The first category is flooring. The flooring is an essential part of the design process as it can make or break any look. Whether it is some stained concrete you are looking for, or if you want custom paint and graphics throughout, we have your back. Beyond the color and design, we will seal the floor to protect it from future dings, spills, wear, and tear.  


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The second category is additions or conversion. An addition could be making the garage larger, adding a loft or similar structure. A transformation is changing part of the garage into another living space such as a man cave, office, or storage room. The additions and conversions will be discussed in detail with your contractor, who can also help you decide in which area of the garage your addition would be the most efficient or how tall you should make the loft. Hence, it is an aliquot for your desired functions. All of these logistical questions will be a breeze to answer, thanks to our master contractor’s eye.  

The final category in our process is storage. Garage storage includes shelving, cabinets, and even some overhead storage ideas. As you describe your storage needs, your master contractor will make recommendations on which combination of shelving, cabinets, and overhead storage best meets your needs. After this is decided, the contractor will go to work renovating the garage following the plans laid out by the mater contractor and yourself. They will work in the most timely and cost-efficient way to ensure you get all the results at a fraction of the cost.  


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