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There are many reasons why going to the movies has been a favorite social activity for decades. Watching your favorite characters come to life on the big screen is enjoyable for all ages; The experience is unlike any other. This experience, however, doesn’t have to be restricted to just the movie theaters. It is more than achievable within the walls of your own home via a home theater room. Whether you and your kids enjoy seeing your favorite characters on the big screen or want a place where the teens can hang out (without being out of sight), a home theater room is perfect for you. 


Create your Dream Home Theater

What is included in the making of a home theater room? What are the best steps or strategies to ensure you get the desired experience without breaking the bank? Here at Rudd builders, we focus on three key areas to ensure your home theater earns a standing ovation every time you use it without costing you an arm and a leg.  

The Room

The room is one of the most critical factors in the home theater design process. The size, shape, and location are all significant factors that must be examined when planning the layout of the room. Lighting is also a large part of the theater experience, so room location is essential. It is recommended that the theater room be mostly internal walls to aid with lighting control. Now, if you don’t have a room selected, no worries, our experts here are more than willing to help you decide by explaining the pros and cons of each room available.


Creature Comforts

When entering a movie theater room, the majority are filled with carpet and very plush seating. The chairs are critical areas to consider because they directly affect your experience during the entire showing. In addition to being comfortable and looking professional, these carpets and chairs aid with the room’s acoustics. The softer materials on the floors and walls help absorb extra sounds making the experience more immersive.  


Audio and Visual Equipment

This is the final category we feel is vital to consider to ensure that your home theater is a smash hit. The audio and visual technologies are make or breakpoint in the theater system. Everything from the wires and receivers to the speaker’s screen and consoles must come together perfectly to ensure you have an unforgettable experience each time you use your home theater. Our professionals will ensure that your audio and video experience is perfectly tuned to the room, leaving you ready to turn it on and enjoy the show.  


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