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Man Cave – She Shed Construction

We have all heard the saying “happy wife, happy life,” but recently, I listened to a slightly modified version that caught my attention “happy spouse, happy house.” This changed how I thought about my relationship, helping me see that it is important to meet the wife/mom’s needs, but we can’t forget about dad/husband’s needs either. So while the wife may get her dream kitchen/closet in the new house, we can’t forget about dad and his man cave. So whether it is some extra room in the attic or a spare nook in the garage, we can turn any man’s space into every man’s dream. 


Ideas for the Best Man Cave

A custom man cave looks a bit different for each client depending on their taste, likes, and hobbies. Here at Rudd Builders, our experts are experienced in building custom caves to fill every desire. We go over our custom 4 point checklist to ensure your dream becomes a reality in our consultation. The following are some examples of features that your man cave could include.

1- Games: This category is one of the most popular. Games can range from pool to foosball, card tables to air hockey, and video games to dartboards. Some next-level games could be installing your greens, a bowling alley, batting cage, or even basketball hoops. Your imagination only limits the options (well, and maybe your space available).

2- Gyms: another trendy addition to the man cave is a gym area complete with weights and a bench or machines to help you get those gains and kiss the dad bod goodbye! Beyond the standard gym weights, rock walls, boxing rings, or circuit trainers are also options. Tell us about your wildest dreams so we can build them before your eyes.

3- Bars: Whether you enjoy being on the rocks, shook or stirred, a bar is another part of a man cave that can’t be overlooked. The bar can include a fridge and sink, or even a microwave/oven to heat those snacks just before the big game. So whether you want beer taps or a soda machine, no man cave is complete without snack central.

4- Hobby Room: For some men, their hobbies need space in which to thrive. So if you’re one of those who collects, builds, or designs, then your man cave is just the space for you. Complete with storage for all of your tools/creations, this man cave can become your escape into creative paradise.


Salt Lake She-Shed Construction

An ever-growing trend in real-estate these days is that of a female-centric space designed just for her. This space is traditionally an outbuilding or separate from the main living quarters but can be attached. It is the female alternative to the man cave, known as a she-shed or a babe cave. So move over, guys; this one is for the girls.  

Your she shed, or babe cave, is a space all for you designed by you. Your she shed should be a space unique to you that reflects your interests and hobbies, but that is separate from everyday life’s hustle and stress. Your shed will quickly become your sanctuary of peace and stillness where you can relax and recoup after a long day’s work.  

In your she shed, the opportunist is limitless. You could have room for your meditation in the early mornings. Or maybe you are into yoga, Zumba, or another form of exercise. Whatever it may be, this will be your space to work out until your heart’s content. If working out isn’t your passion, no worries, the room is only limited by your imagination. It could easily be a craft themed area complete with all your tools and decorations. Or perhaps a photography/art studio where you review your pics and store your paints, cameras, or canvases. When it comes to your she shed, it’s your blank canvas in which you can customize and style precisely the way you like it. Oh, and the best part, you don’t have to worry about what others think or if the kids will break those delicate pieces because it is your space, not a shared common one.  

Request a She-Shed Consultation

 To help you bring you she shed from a Pinterest board into space you adore, our master contractors will conduct a consultation with you. This will entail deciding if you will be renovating the existing space or if you will be building an entirely new one. The budget will also be discussed, and plans will be put into place. Your assigned contractor’s professional eye, along with their years of experience, will ensure you get all the shed without breaking the bank.  


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