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As a company, we are dedicated to making the construction process as painless as possible. The owner knows what it is like to live in a home that’s under construction. It can be terribly frustrating for everyone to change their environment and how they live their daily life. Homeowners are both excited you’re there getting something done and simultaneously hoping you would leave forever. This can create many mixed emotions, with excitement and agitation and times.

Our team respects the fact that most owners are using a loan that they will be paying on for years or even decades to come. This commitment should not be taken lightly. We are sympathetic to our client’s needs and their personal space. Paul keeps them informed with time and budget. Often asking how they’re feeling or if they need a break from construction, or whatever they need to feel better about the process.

You need to trust your contractor. Homeowners hand over the keys and codes to their homes. Contractors have access to every inch of your personal space. We see the messes, clutter, and how you live. We see you every day, oftentimes for weeks at a time. Trust and respect are vital. I want them to know the invasion of privacy is worth it.


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