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An area to enjoy in your backyard is a luxury most pursue, however, most homeowners do not know where to begin. First of all, you need to decide which type of outdoor luxury you want and can have. Here at Lawn Kings, we have interacted with many clients in the same boat, so we took the time to make this article so we can educate confused homeowners so they can get the outdoor relaxation they deserve. 

Out Door Deck

A deck is an area that is raised above ground that is typically on the same level as the main level of the house, is usually outdoors, and has room for an outdoor table, seating, and typically, a grill. 

You can almost always find a deck on houses with daylight basements, or basements that rise above the ground. This raised basement allows for a basement due to the extra height of the main level where the deck is then attached. 

Out Door Patio

A patio is a concrete or wooden extension to the backside of a home. It can sometimes be a designated area entirely separate from the house. A patio is almost included in every home that has an underground basement. 

Not all Homes Can Have a Deck

Even if your home has the optimal setup for a deck (elevated basement), you can still choose to get a patio area. However, it would be kind of inconvenient to access your patio when it is essentially on the basement floor.

Patios are very easy to maintain and clean while also being extremely durable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective. You can also add covering (like awnings) to a patio, as well as gazebos, pergolas, or even a canopy. 

Patios are a lot more private too, as they are on ground level and keeps you out-of-sight behind your fencing. Even if you find that your home can have a deck, consider if a patio could be more worth it in the long run. 

Patio Requirements

Now, keep in mind, that even if you decide you want a patio, there are many specific requirements it needs in order to be a practical and resilient patio. 

First of all, the patio’s foundation must be installed or poured on level ground, whereas a deck could be built on the edge of a cliff. If you opt for a concrete foundation you will find that it will crack over time. In Utah, the freeze and refreeze throughout the year will even cause these cracks and eventually chunks will breaking off. 

Since the patio is on the ground is prone to weeds and mud stains. It may be a good idea to pressure wash your patio often to keep it clean and pristine.

So, Which One?

The deciding factor to knowing if you should choose a deck or patio is determining the type of house you live in, which room your house would have access to the deck or patio, and which option would be the best accommodated by your house. 

If you find yourself back where you started, not knowing which direction to go, contact us here at Rudd Builders. We will evaluate your property and give you a solid recommendation and give you a solid vision for you to obtain one of these luxurious decks/patios.