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If your home has one or more windows causing a hazard, making your utility bills spike from unwanted drafts, or is outdated, it’s likely time for window replacement. New and quality window replacement can be a significant improvement to your home’s comfort, style, and value. However, most homeowners feel uneasy about replacing their windows due to the price and the risk of a poor product or installation costing even more.

High-quality windows, when installed properly, can last decades and can improve your home in many ways. Getting the right windows to ensure a great return, in the long run, takes research and dedication to your home. Whether you’re more focused on aesthetics and craftsmanship or modern insulation, Rudd Builders can help with it all.

Window Installation & Replacement SLC, UT

Like many home improvement projects, the price of window replacement and installation can get pricey. There are cheaper options; for instance, a single-pane window can cost under $100. But when it’s your home, the most affordable option isn’t typically the best. Single-pane windows tend to have poor insulation and easily crack or damage, leading to repairs far more often.

Investing in quality windows for your home with an installation from the experts will save you money down the line. Good quality windows usually cost around $400-500 and offer excellent energy savings, security, and an overall better aesthetic. Even better, higher quality windows will cause your home to appraise higher when deciding to sell. Low-quality windows typically detract from the property value.

Modern windows and installation methods are the best they’ve ever been, offering a wide range of benefits for your home. The most critical ways window replacement can improve your home include reducing your energy costs by 10-20%, UV protection, noise reduction, improved security, easier cleaning & maintenance, and a higher home value.

Ideally, window replacement would only be required during perfect weather. However, problems can arise year-round, and luckily windows can be installed all year. There are many things to consider when planning your window replacement during any season.

Working With a Professional Company

Spring is regarded as the perfect time for home improvement thanks to the ideal, mild weather. However, contractors are typically very busy during this time, so a flexible schedule may be needed. In terms of business, summer takes the cake. It’s important to schedule quickly, or in July when families are typically on vacation. When performing window installation in the summer, you’ll likely be dealing with insects and an air conditioner struggling to keep up, a significant downside to summer installation.

Fall is your last chance to get a window replacement project in before winter hits. In winter, homeowners often find themselves forced to do the window replacements they were putting off all year long. The drafts and extra cost to the utility bill are far more unbearable than previous months, and at this point, it’s more about needing a replacement than wanting one. Luckily scheduling will be a breeze.

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