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Tips For Peace in Multigenerational Households 

Living in a multigenerational house can bring its challenges and chaos. This is why it is essential to follow these tips to ensure peace in a household with many residents.  

Finances and Money

When in a big household, money can become a primary cause for conflict. Before you agree to host a multigenerational household, plan how all the residents will share expenses, especially things like:


Even small households struggle to keep good communication. It’s easy to say that communication is important, but it is a lot harder to achieve. Living together takes a lot of trust and commitment. It also takes a lot more effort at communication than smaller households. Consider learning as much about each other as possible and how they carry their tasks daily. Getting to know one another and finding out what hobbies or other things make each other happy can lead to much peace and friendships within the household.


Keeping track of all the members in the house can be quite difficult. Try to share schedules, obviously without making others feel as they are being micromanaged. The key is, again, communication. Talk to one another about each other’s daily plans and keep each other updated if something shifts in your schedule. That way, you won’t have situations where no one is available to help with dinner, picking up the children from school, or help grandpa up the stairs.


Everyday clean-up, housework, and chores can lead to tension and resentment within residents. As a family, come together and agree on daily and weekly chores. In some cases, it helps to have a family member lead the “chore chart” and remind other people if they need it. Try encouraging teamwork and friendship instead of building tension, resentment, and shame to the lack of help in chores. Make sure to show as much appreciation for any efforts, it goes a long way to reach a peaceful and safe environment.


Setting boundaries are important in any relationship. Everyone in the house wants to feel comfortable in their home, not bullied. Especially when it comes to raising children, every generation has its own way. It’s important to expect questions and disagreements. However, understanding that you are all part of a family system with equal roles to play will lead to more peace throughout the house.

Have Fun; You’re Family After All!

You chose to live with your relatives for a reason. Make sure to set time aside from the daily stress of chores and work to have fun and create fond memories. We recommend coming up with a monthly tradition, whether it’s a picnic, a movie night, or just a stroll around the neighborhood. 

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