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Decks are an extension to any home. They are the gateway to enjoyment of nature and fresh air. Unfortunately, outdoor decks are constantly exposed to the elements and are likely to experience wear and tear brought by time and changes in weather.

There are many online resources for DIY instructions on how to fix your deck, but it’s extremely hard to find detailed information online to know if your deck is beyond repair or not. If you are left wondering whether or not your should try to repair your deck, or just replace it entirely, then review the following information our expert deck contractors provided.

Safety Always Comes First

Your home should always be a safe environment for you, your family, and guests. This is more so important for kids that are running around and are unable to recognize dangerous structures. As decks age, they may develop rot around support posts, loose railings, and in some cases, exposed nails. Any of these can be extremely hazardous and lead to severe injuries. So, if you have an old deck and question its safety, you may want to get it inspected by a professional.

Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate

The first thing you should do when deciding if your deck is too far gone, is to do a visual inspection of your deck. Professionals can give you a more detailed inspection, but here are some red flags that can show your deck is too far gone.

Loose boards, steps, or railings are usually fast fixes and should not result in a complete replacement. However, if your deck is riddled with rotting wood and erosion, you will have to tear down the deck and start from scratch.

What do YOU want?

If you feel that the inspection has only pointed out minor issues and your deck is free of hazards, then you can decide if you should fix it or replace it. Fixing a deck takes time, materials, and skills to update it properly and efficiently. The task can be daunting for the average folk and honestly, it’s better left to professionals. At the end of the day, after doing much research you may find that the effort may outweight the rewards for you. Don’t feel pressured to tackle the weight of repair alone, hire a professional deck contructing company that specializes in exceeding your expectations.

Get Professional Assistance

So you have chosen to replace your deck to continue to build fond memories of the outdoors with your friends and family this summer? Give the expert deck contractors at Rudd Builders a call to receive your free consultation and quote.