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Most people think that their windows last forever, but windows need to be repaired and replaced regularly, or you could end up risking a ton of problems for your household. In order to know when the best time is to replace your windows you might want to consider the following: 


Old windows are, for the most part, hard to operate and maintain. If you are having a hard time sliding or keeping your windows open, it may be time to contact Rudd Builder’s expert contractors to improve the ventilation of your room by installing brand new windows.


If you need to go whip out a ladder to clean your windows from the outside, you may want to go for windows with tilting features. That way you can make your chore days much easier on yourself.


Do your windows get condensation regularly? If so, installing higher-efficiency glass windows can reduce this problem.  


Having air leaking from your windows is an important issue that many homeowners ignore. Not to mention, it’s terrible on the insulation to your home, but it can rack up your power bill. If you have old wood windows, chances are they have changed shape over time, and you may need to replace your windows to eliminate air leaks in your house.


New windows provide the warm and toasty comfort you have always desired. Double pane glass windows easily reduce the chill and cold from the frigid winter days in Utah, allowing all home inhabitants to stay warm inside the house.


In the short term, quick fixes can do a great job of resolving window issues. However, if you need to make a lot of quick fixes, it may be more economical to invest in new and reliable windows.


If you still are on the fence about getting your windows replaced, consult an experienced remodeling contract that can help you determine the condition of your windows. That way, you won’t have any temptation to put a patch over a big problem. 

To get new windows installed, contact us online or call our office during normal business hours to get the best service in all of Utah, for a decent price.