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Is your bathroom outdated? Do you have a broken drain or a leaky faucet? You may want to consider remodeling your bathroom. 

It is recommended that you remodel your bathroom every four to five years. Especially if you have things wrong with your amenities. 


Make sure you plan out your design and get a layout of how you want everything done before you start working on the project. We know you will be excited to have a nice new bathroom set up, but before you start thinking about the aesthetics, make sure you have the foundation mapped out. Do not forget why you were remodeling in the first place, (i.e. your bathroom is outdated, or needs repairs) that is what you will want to stick by through the entire project. If you do not have a clear vision going in, you might not end up with the results you wanted by the end of it. You want to consider proper spacing for the most optimal comfort. 


Since we spend a lot of time in the bathroom on a daily basis, wear and tear are inevitable. As such, you will want to consider using more expensive materials for your bathroom remodel. Although it will be more of an expense up front, it will save you the hassle and cost in the future if you have to frequently replace certain things such as wallpaper or wooden flooring. 


Also, budget out your plans! Make sure you are honest with yourself about how much you realistically have to spend on this project, then, budget out an additional ten to fifteen percent more in case of any unexpected issues you may run into. Your remodel should cost no more than five to ten percent of your total home value. Something to keep in mind too, is that bathrooms are huge selling points on homes to buyers. Even if you aren’t thinking about selling your home at the moment, you never know what will happen down the line, and your bathroom is one of the places you should definitely never cut corners. 

Ventilation Matters

One thing you will want to consider when remodeling your bathroom is to check the exhaust fan. Without proper ventilation, moisture gets trapped up there and over time mold will grow. Even if you recently replaced the exhaust fan, make sure to vacuum it out after recent renovations before you turn it on in case there is remaining debris inside.