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Popular Window Styles: 2022

You probably have noticed that you have many choices regarding your replacement windows. Not only are you to choose a material and color, but you’ll also pick a window style. You don’t need to choose the same window style that you currently have. Sometimes that’s the right choice for your home, but other times, you have options to choose from. Here are the most popular window styles in April 2022.

Single and Double-Hung Windows

These are by far the most common and popular because they tend to be the least expensive window choise. Double-hung windows cost more than single hung, but both options cost less than other window styles. They are a good option for any window opening, even if you have several windows.

Casement Windows

Although more expensive, casement windows can also be affordable. Casement windows are perfect for above the kitchen sink, living room, above bookshelves, and other places where it’s desirable to open a window. These windows open to one side rather than opening up and down. Your expert window replacement company can fully control which direction the window will open. Casement windows tend to be taller than they are wide.

Sliding Window

Sliding windows offer the same advantages that casement windows have. They slide open like a sliding door, so they are a good option over others. Unlike casement windows, they are wider than they are taller.

But, Which is the Best Window?

Honeslty, the best window is always the one that you most like. Some love affordable casement windows, others like double-hung windows. Sliding windows are a very popular option as well. Feel free to mix and match your windows, as you don’t need to have all the windows be the exact same. Play around and design your window layout based on looks and needs.

We Have All Window Styles

At Rudd Builders, we have a huge inventory of windows ranging from casement, single or double-hung, sliding windows, and more! If you’re in need for a window replacement company in your area, look no further, Rudd Builders are the best contracting company in the valley. Call our contractors today to receive a free quote.