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Whether you are watching the fix and flip shows on the television or searching online for ways to add value to/update your home, remodeling the kitchen always lands at the top of the lists. There are many reasons why a kitchen remodels is beneficial, but doing it wrong can be detrimental and cost thousands! Let’s take a look at some of the dos and don’ts when remodeling your kitchen.

The Things you Want to do with Kitchen Remodels:

The most important part of a kitchen remodel is deciding why you are going to do it. Every other decision will be based on this reason, so it is a good square one. If you plan to remodel the kitchen with the sole intention of adding value to the home you plan to sell, the design and updates will be vastly different from someone looking to update their kitchen they will be using for the next ten years. For this reason, the “why” behind the update is critical.

The next step is to decide on your budget. Hand in hand with the funding is whether the remodel will be major or more of a minor update. Both of these are needed to ensure you can get all the adjustments you are searching for without having to cut corners. Your kitchen is like a finely tuned watch; each piece works in unison with the rest to ensure the “time” is correct. If one part is looked over, the rest can’t perform, and therefore the time won’t be accurate.

Things to Avoid when Remodeling your Kitchen:

DIY projects are great, but it is best to hire an expert when it comes to the kitchen. The average kitchen can cost as much as 35,000 dollars! However, the price can become exponentially higher if mistakes are made due to lack of knowledge or improper tools, not to mention the extra days, weeks, or months needed to complete the renovation and correct said mistakes. This is why we recommend hiring a professional to help you get the job done right the first time in the most cost and time-effective manner.

Another common mistake that happens often is overlooking the small details during the remodel. For example, lighting is one area that is easy to neglect but can make or break the kitchen’s vibe. Flooring is another simple detail that is often forgotten or updated if there is money left over. The floor is similar to the icing onto the cake; it ties the whole room together. This is why we recommend you ensure not to overlook these simple yet essential details.