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When building your home you want trends that will last a lifetime. Timeless, classic trends mixed with modern new ideas can help keep your home from seeming dull and outdated. While 2022 is wrapping up, 2023 is quickly coming. We want you to know what will be in and out while adding renovations to your home so you can feel good about your additions.

 Open-Concept Kitchens Will Continue to be Popular

The open-concept kitchen trend is not going anywhere. Homeowners are still looking to create bright, airy spaces, and perfect for entertaining. If planning a renovation soon, consider opening up your kitchen layout. Natural lighting is still a central focal point when looking for a kitchen. If bright and airy isn’t your thing, dark, moody kitchens will still be in high demand for 2023.

Wood Accents Will Make a Comeback

While minimalism has been trendy for the past few years, there’s a shift happening in home design. People are starting to crave warmth and personality in their homes, and one way to add that is with wood accents. Incorporate wood elements into your renovation to add some depth and interest to your space. Woodblock countertops, wooden furniture, and updated wooden staircases are all examples of how to incorporate a warmer tone in your home.

Bold Colors Will Be Used More Frequently

Neutrals have been all the rage for a while now, but that’s starting to change. Homeowners are becoming more daring with their color choices, opting for bold hues that make a statement. If you’re looking to be on trend, consider using some brighter colors in your renovation. Indigo, Kale Green, and lavender cream are all fresh colors that can easily blend with your neutral pallet to add pops of color without it taking over a space.

Texture is Still Increasingly In

Although some love super smooth, minimal spaces, textures from the early 60s are becoming steadily popular again. Styles like Sand Swirl walls and textured decor will stay popular. Curvy furniture that moves the eye and creates dimension with carved details will be a must-have in home decor.

Smart Home Technology Will Become More Popular

Technology is integrated into our everyday lives, so it’s no surprise that it’s also becoming a significant part of home design. More and more people are looking to add innovative home features to their homes, from automated thermostats to voice-activated assistants. If you want your home to be on the cutting edge, consider incorporating some smart technology into your renovation.

Calm Nature

2023 will be filled with the want for wellness. Velvet, ceramics, clay, and cotton will play a massive role in a calming environment. Background walls and arches will also remain popular and can help to add soft shapes and more of a natural environment.

Sustainability Will Be a Focus

As we become more aware of our homes’ environmental impact, homeowners’ sustainability is a bigger priority. If you’re looking to be eco-friendly, there are several ways you can make your renovation more sustainable. Use recycled materials, install energy-efficient appliances, add cleansing filters and water-wise faucets, and choose low-VOC paint and finishes.

Outdoor Spaces Will Be a Priority

With the pandemic causing so many of us to spend more time at home, we’re starting to value our outdoor spaces more than ever. Homeowners want to create beautiful outdoor living areas that they can enjoy all year round. Outdoor and indoor gardening will be vital and help with self-care and wellness while adding movement and fresh air to your space and restoring the mind.