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Rudd Contractors would like to help those who are passionate about doing DIY projects. The following article should teach you how to install a beautiful staircase, new treads, and railings.



Tools and materials are the starting point to any DIY project; you will need the following for this project:

Tools: Drill, drill bits, tape measure, tapping block, hand stapler, pneumatic finish nailer, and a rubber mallet.

Materials: Wood flooring, handrail, support brace, lag bolts, wood putty, screws, risers, balusters, and finish nails. 


Measure, Cut, and Install

Measure each tread according to your design; we recommend measuring twice before cutting any material. 

After cutting your tread, the next step is to install them. When installing them, always work your way from the bottom. Make sure to screw them in as securely as possible. 

Consider adding a brace between the stringers and top step to add more support to your new stairs. 


Newel posts

If you have half newel posts, pre-drill them, also make sure there are prepared holes on your wall for toggle bolts. Insert the screws for the toggle bolts and then attach the toggles. Insert toggles to the wall and secure them tightly. For all other newel posts, use lag bolts.


Cut the rail

Now that you have your treads and newels installed, next comes the railing. Measure and mark it for angled cuts, then cut them. It may be a good idea to undercut the railing and rest it along the stairs to get a perfect fit.



Don’t immediately install your rail after you have cut them. You need to install the balusters first. Pre-drill your treads for the baluster. Secure your balusters to your treads.

Attach railing

With your balusters and newels in place, next comes the railing. Attach the rail fasteners to the newel posts. Insert the balusters into the holes on the railing. 


You’re done! However, to get that clean look, you need to clean things up a little bit. If there are any screw holes, fill them up with matching wood putty. You may need to install moldings to achieve an even cleaner look.

We can help

Stairs can be a work of art and it can make you proud to have built your own stairs – your own masterpiece. However, make sure that you seek professional help whenever you need it. Here at Rudd Contractors, we pride ourselves in working along with our clients to make sure their dream homes come to life. So, give us a call whenever you need help!