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As warmer weather approaches everyone wants to get outside and enjoy the weather.  Home improvements outside can be both enjoyable and rewarding.  This includes a garage makeover, addition or remodel.  Perhaps during those winter months you allowed items to be stored and not put in place.  Alternatively, you may need to install additional shelving, repaint the interior of the garage or redo your garage floor.  Whatever you envision, speak to one of our licensed contractors about improvements and makeovers that can be done to enhance your garage and maximize space utility.  Your garage can be a space you take pleasure in and help organize your life.
Don’t be fooled into thinking a garage makeover is a simple project you can do on your own.  Many have made this mistake and regret it.  A garage makeover can be a large endeavor, depending on what you would like done.  As such, I always recommend consulting with a professional before starting a home  or garage improvement project.
Once with have consulted with one of our licensed contractors, we will work with you to determine what improvements best suit your needs, set an appropriate budget, and outline what modifications will best help you obtain the functionality you desire.  From there, we will help you to develop a strategic remodel plan.
When developing your remodel plan, we will take into consider the type of flooring you desire as well as pinpoint what areas could be used for storage or the placement of shelving, tool boxes, build-ins, overhead storage or wall mounts.  Types of flooring include epoxy or a concrete overlay.  One caveat with garage remodels is that you get what you pay for – meaning not opting for the cheapest route often benefits you in the long run.  Simply painting a garage floor or installing pressboard cabinetry tends to cost you more money overall, may not uphold its appearance or be sturdy enough for what you intend, or need constant repair.  After all, a garage is a place you are going to park your cars, track in water and dirt, store your tools, bikes, camping and outdoor equipment, etc.  A poorly planned garage remodel can leave you without sufficient space to do use the space as it should be.  Too, it can lead to safety risks, which is something a homeowner never wants.
Contact us today to discuss your garage makeover, remodel or addition.  Not only will you receive sound advice from a licensed contractor, but we stand behind our work, offer quality service and affordable options.  This summer open those garage doors and let the sunshine in.