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Even though you may have a small space, it is always possible to create a mudroom area in your home. A mudroom can be the perfect solution for those tired of having coats, boots, shoes, and hats thrown around the house. You can create a mudroom that will fit all your outdoor gear and help you keep your home clean and organized. Here are ways you, too, could achieve that.

What is a Mudroom?

A mudroom is a space dedicated to hanging up and putting on hats, scarves, coats, shoes, and other outdoor gear. It is also an area designed to keep all the dirt that is tracked into the house, doubling as an easy-to-clean spot. Components that make up a mudroom include but are not limited to; shelving, wall hooks, and in most cases, seating. 

Choosing The Space

A mudroom can go virtually in any room of the house. However, Ideally, you would want to place your mudroom in a spot that is closest to the main entrance, where people will put on and take off outdoor gear. Common places homeowners use to turn into a mudroom include:

Some mudrooms are even built into stairwell landings or closets. So, never shut out the possibility of having a mudroom in your home.

Recessed Mudroom

Along with being able to be installed in just about every room on the middle floor, mudrooms can also be created in two ways. One of them is to create a recessed mudroom where the cabinetry that holds all the hooks, shelving, and seating is built into the wall. In these cases, a wooden backing will be added to protect the wall from any dents or dings. A closet mudroom would naturally be a recessed mudroom.

Mudroom Cabinetry

The other way you could go about creating a mudroom is via built-in cabinetry. These mudrooms tend to stand out while also complementing the interior design of your laundry, kitchen, pantry, living room, or hallway. 

Simplicity Is Key

It is essential to keep it as simple as possible. But keep in mind how many wall hooks you will need and how much storage you need for coats, hats, shoes, umbrellas, and other outdoor gear. Adding a dedicated space for your keys may also be something you’d enjoy. However, simplicity is key, since you don’t want to contribute to the clutter with a massive mudroom that will do everything but keep things organized. 

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